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The Model

The stick man displays the body part lengths selected above with the sliders and the current selected deadlift position. The deadlift position is based on the ankle travelling through a large angle early in the lift and more slowly in the last half. This is to get the knees out of the way and shins vertical early on in the lift. Or set the ankle angle slider at a point where the ankle angle remains flat and constant on the plot to keep the shins vertical, and knees stationary, throughout the entire lift.

The Graph (Squat Stats)

The plot displays the moment of the hips and knees along with the angle of the back, hips and knees throughout all positions of the deadlift. From squatting on the right to standing on the left. The vertical line shows the current position of the model and can be changed by sliding the position slider above.


If you found then you more than likely have already researched and read a lot about deadlifting. If not, below is a bit of reading material to get you started.

Deconstructing the Deadlift - A Deep Analysis of Proper Deadlift Mechanics by Mark Rippetoe 06/29/15
Everything You Think Is Wrong With Your Deadlift Is Probably Right by Greg Nuckols 10/24/2014
Deadlift Set-up and Body Shape by Alan Thrall 05/25/15 - 2016