Bar Chest Position

Straight Bridges Kazmaier
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Elbow Flare

The model has the option to set the elbow flare (angle between body and elbows) or lock the elbow tilt to 0 degrees (elbows can not travel forward or behind the bar).

Unfortunately the elbow position has one too many variables to model accurately. So if you leave the lock option unchecked you can adjust the elbow flare. However the model does some funny thing beyond about 60 degrees.

Locking the elbow position so that they can not travel in front or behind the bar allows for the elbow position to be determined more accurately. This also eliminates the option to select the flare angle.

Have a play with both options and see what works best for you.

Bar Path

Ever wanted to see if changing your bar path to mimic one of the greats would help? Well now you can. Check the box for Bridges or Kazmaier and see how your moments change. Does it make it easier or harder? - 2016